ME学术大讲堂第九十一讲:Customized Product Assortment and Marketing Effort: A Robust Approach
来源:机械工程学院 发布日期:2018-10-11 浏览次数:239

时间 :10月18日下午2:00

地点: 机械楼1A3号楼 D530


We study a revenue management model where the retailer decides the product assortment and marketing effort under the multinomial logit choice model. We apply a robust approach to find the marketing effort that maximizes the worst-case revenue for the retailer under customized assortment. With given marketing effort, we analyze how to identify the customer preference vector(s) that lead to the worst-case revenue under various structures of the preference set. We examine two types of marketing effort: product-level promotion, and category-level promotion. We develop efficient algorithms to solve the problem and show the good performance of the robust approach.


金庆伟博士,浙江大学管理学院副教授,毕业于美国北卡罗莱纳州立大学工业与系统工程学系工业工程方向,主要研究方向为优化理论与算法,收益管理,运营管理。主持国家自科面上项目1项,青年项目1项,省部级项目1项,具有丰富的研究经验。发表国际期刊和国际会议论文二十余篇。任期刊European Journal of Operational Research, Optimization, Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization等多个国内外期刊审稿人。